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Who we are?

Lotus Xpressions Makeup Studio (registered: Lotus Expressions) is a classy modern beauty salon that offers premium cosmetic beauty solutions. With an experience that spans many years in the fashion and beauty industry, we provide outstanding Makeup, Nail, Hairstyling & Training service. Our studio is in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria and widely acclaimed as one of the best studios in town.

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The Passionate Artist

Anastasia Osakwe is the founder and owner of Lotus Xpressions Makeup Studio, and also, its lead artist. She is a talented Makeup Artist, Nail Technician, Hair-stylist, and Educator. Highly sought after for her skill, passion, professionalism and keen attention to subtle details, which she impresses upon every client who honours her studio with their presence.

Ann is also well-known for her flawless makeup applications, which she achieves by identifying and enhancing the clients’ best natural facial features, and skillfully setting them aglow to find harmony with the client’s overall form and appearance.

Journey & Experience

She has mastered and developed further on her craft, by working on different faces, complexions, and ethnicities over the many years of her career. Ann has also become known as a trusted educator in her field. She has developed a strong passion for teaching and found great joy in being able to inspire other artists.

She is especially proud of the opportunity in discovering new talents to satisfy the growing need for professional artists who offer quality service. To this end, her Lotus Xpressions Training Academy is constantly improving on the best modern teaching practice and craft techniques to adequately prepare her students for the challenges of the modern world. Also offering her exceptionally gifted students internship opportunities an avenue for further development of their skills and acquiring valuable studio work experience.

Pro Quote

The human face – as with all other natural forms – is a wonderful and unique work of art. In its symmetry or asymmetry, facial bone structure, skin tone and texture, countenance, and the magical glow of eyes, the world is offered a varied expression of beauties. And in the hands of the right talent, latent features are purposefully brought to light and let loose.

At Lotus Xpressions Makeup Studio, it’s our pleasure to help you display these your unexpressed beauty, hoping it stirs within you a further quest towards desiring only that which is beautiful and good.
(Anastasia Osakwe, April 15, 2020)

meet our doyen


Anastasia Osakwe

Business Owner / Lead Makeup, Nail & Hair Artist

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What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

As for me, Lotus Xpressions is simply the best makeup studio in Festac and Lagos as a whole.

I love coming to Lotus Xpressions to get my makeup done. The atmosphere is simply awesome, and Ann makes you feel relaxed from start to finish.